Fort Worth is home to many events. We reached out to a couple of our favorite hosts about their top tips, mantras, or advice.

Victoria Wise, founder of, and self-described serial entrepreneur has blatantly ignored the saying, “Third times a charm.” Tanglewood Moms is a Business Directory that stemmed from a love of the community and a desire to connect area women together and share all things Fort Worth. She is well traveled and enjoys spending quality time with her husband raising their four first generation Americans and Texans. You can find Victoria on her Mac pounding out any number of social media posts for her clients and businesses, streaming Spotify, in a Fort Worth establishment that has decent Wi-Fi and quiet patrons.

When asked to share her best event mantras, she speaks from her personal experience.

Victoria Wise - Tanglewood Moms“Collaborative events work best for us at Tanglewood Moms. We love bringing together different individuals, businesses, and charities to help plan, promote, and execute an event. Making sure each collaborator has a different and unique audience is key.”
“Come up with a clever slogan, hashtag, and graphics to promote the event. We pick a color scheme and font that works for the event and make graphics in standard social media sizes for easy sharing.”
“We always leverage all aspects of online marketing and social media marketing to help bring awareness to the event. We first post to the blog, then share it to our Facebook page, ask our collaborators to share the Facebook post, add it to our email newsletter, and Instagram account. We also create a Facebook “event” and ask collaborators to invite their friends to join. We sometimes create a short 15 and 30 second video promo to post on social media.”

Snaps Medicine Ball 2016
The Medicine Ball is the annual dinner and dance hosted by the Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance (TCMSA) and Foundation raising funds to benefit to community health projects. This year, the Medicine Ball took place on Saturday, February 20, at the Cendera Center which was transformed into the exotic and colorful world of India’s Bollywood. More than 350 guests attended this year’s Ball—many dressed in Indian attire. Volunteer helped adjust or wrap traditional saris for women whose chose to celebrate the theme. Craft cocktails and spirits served at a custom made walnut bar built specifically for the Ball welcomed guests as they entered Bollywood

The beautiful and entertaining evening was designed and executed by, Medicine Ball Chair, Lisa Queralt and her hard-working committee: Layna Chase, Jenny Reece Conrad, Linda Kennedy, Marilyn Kobs, Orly Meyers, Tricia Schniederjan, Mary Ann Shelton, Lori Urso, and TCMSA President, Suzanne Wood, as well as special event advisor Suma Bhandari.

The Medicine Ball committee of gracious hosts shared this advice for a successful event:

Make it fun and entertaining—people who are having fun are happy to donate to support your cause.
If the women feel elegant, the party will be a success!
Buffet service allows guests to mingle and provides flexibility as to when they dine.
Provide the best quality food and drink that you can afford.
Always have photography—guest cannot get enough of that!
Spend the money on signage so people know what’s going on at the party.

Kim LeVrier has served as Marketing Director for Cendera Funding for 5 years. With more than 20 years of experience in sales, creative design, and marketing concept development, she is responsible for marketing communications creation and execution for Cendera Funding’s 34 branches. Kim recently executed the company’s first Sales Rally called “Focus: STARVE your distractions, FEED your focus.” The event centered around the five senses and the power of appreciation. The event was perfectly produced, and each attendee left adorned with plenty of “swag.”

Kim LeVrier Cendera Funding


  • Expect last minute changes.
  • Do everything possible to be “finished” with all details prior to the week before the event. This enables last minute changes to be more easily accommodated.
  • Make sure everyone that attends leaves feeling glad they came and has at least one takeaway idea that they will actually use!
  • Provide good content, nice swag, plenty of breaks, and create some funny moments!



Sedona Productions’ hospitality sales and event management staff have years of combined experience producing special events and special event fundraising.

From the recent Sedona Productions Non-profit Leaders Symposium the following tips are offered:

Sedona Productions Team 2016

  • When defining the purpose and goals for a special event, it is important to include opportunities and activities that strategically support your goals. For example, be certain that your VIPs and sponsors are included in select photographs for media and social media, or adding 50 new names to your invitation list.
  • Create follow up plans for donor/guests well before the event is held – and then work the plan. Remember to include Board members and committee members in the follow up plan, especially when they have a relationship with the donor or guest. Thanking your guests is important and a great time to share the date for next year’s event.
  • All special events can provide means to: make new friends, partnerships, and sponsorships; increase awareness and educate specific audiences; and to deepen existing relationships.
  • Consider live stream or social media posting during an event!

With so many special events in Tarrant County, it can be challenging to remain fresh and exciting year after year. The right venue and staff as well as your planning committee are key to making an event successful, and one suited to your audience and their interests. If you have tips to share, we want to hear from you. We welcome the opportunity to learn from you!

-Amy Shackelford

Amy Shackelford