The Corporate A/V Drilldown: Smart Ways to Pull off a Powerful Presentation

By September 26, 2018 Event Technology

Because of Cendera Center’s versatility, it lends equally as well to corporate meetings, presentations and training sessions as it does to proms, awards dinners, and fundraiser benefits.

Darren Hardy at Cendera Center


Ensuring that our clients can give a strong presentation start to finish is a priority of ours, which is why we reach out as your event approaches to collect all the Audio/Visual details we will need to make your meeting run smoothly.
Until we do, here are some great things to consider as you gather information for your meeting:


Cables, Cables, Cables

Does the laptop from which you will be running your presentation require HDMI or VGA? Some new apple products require specialized dongles to hook into A/V equipment; is your new Macbook in need of one?


Avoid Digital Dilemmas 

If you have a slideshow or other visual or auditory media, it is best to reach out ahead of time to test it on the venue’s system. Some easier ways to do this would be to drop by with a thumb drive or have it in a downloadable form in a cloud app like Dropbox or Google Drive.


Make Your Voice Heard 

Association of Fundraising Professionals – National Philanthropy Day. PC: Mike Lewis Photography

Have an accurate count of the microphones you will require. We are a flexible venue and are happy to work with you to meet your needs. Unfortunately, there are times that we cannot add a spur-of-the-moment microphone without needing a few minutes to rearrange mic channels and that may disrupt the pacing of your meeting.


Keep the Narrative Clear 

Provide a timeline/order of events for your meeting. This will keep everyone- from the A/V engineer to the presenters- on the same page.


Setting the Tone with Tunes 

Does your meeting need background music as attendees network? Do your presenters prefer entrance music? Exit music? Will you play it off your phone? Do you have it on a thumb drive? Will you need access to iTunes or Spotify?


Block it Out 

Think about the presenter – Do they need special access to the stage? Will they be standing in a single place or will they need to have a spotlight on them as they walk around the stage? Will they need a stage monitor or video conference monitor to keep them on track?


Remove the Guesswork

The best way to eliminate unforeseen complications is to request access to the venue near your meeting date to do a runthrough. Ensure that your speakers are present and that you have a solid vision of how things should go. This will give you time to smooth out the program before the pressure is on.


These are just a few suggestions to cover your basics. What does your company do to keep your presentations flawless? At Sedona Productions, our most powerful tool- and the basis for each item here- is communication. We believe a team that is clear, coordinated, and specialized in their areas of expertise provides our clients the opportunity to host a powerful and memorable corporate meeting. So whether you have a training to do with 35 employees or a corporate awards ceremony for 600, we are here to facilitate, support, and meet your A/V needs!

Looking for a unique A/V experience? Call us at 817-984-6800 and ask for Gary, our Production Director!

Gary Hullet, our Production Director/Audio Visual Guru. Photo Credit: Amy Shackelford