With the Holidays upon us, the shopping has begun! Whether you shop two weeks before Christmas, the day before Christmas, online, or the old fashion way there are a multitude of gifts for the wine lovers in your life!

Some of my favorite Stocking Stuffers which are certain to please include:

Drop Stop (one of several brands) keeps wine from dripping following a pour. It’s a simple foil circle that curls into the mouth of the bottle and literally catches the drips! No more stains on your linens with this inexpensive and long-lasting gift from Santa. And, you can never have too many of these pourers.

Wine Glass Writer (one of several brands) comes in a variety of colors and resembles a highlighter or marker. What could be more convenient than to label your wine glass with a colored marker – use initials, full name, or make up a name to reflect the Season. Who wouldn’t want to be Frosty or Santa or Rudolph! The best part is when the party is over, simply wash away the name.

Cocktail napkins are so clever and festive it’s not difficult to find one suited to your wine lover’s taste or humor. As the year draws to an end there are always great excuses to use cocktail napkins – including New Year’s and Bowl Games!

Vinturi Wine Aerator (one of several brands) is a great gift for the stocking or under the tree! No question about it, this little device really does make wine taste its best.

Foil Cutters are truly handy for removing just the right amount of foil around the bottle top and eliminate many a cut finger! Perfectly sized for Santa to leave in the stocking.

VacuVin (one of several brands) wine bottle vacuum and stoppers will be the delight of those who want to save an unfinished bottle of wine. The vacuum and specially designed stopper eliminate the air in the bottle allowing it to remain fresh for up to two weeks, or so they say. I know it works for a few days at the least.

Now that the stocking is filled, it’s time to think bigger! A beautiful wine carafe can be a welcomed gift, especially for those who enjoy red wine. It’s elegant and fun to experience a fine wine from a carafe. You also might gift a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon to go with the carafe.

Should you want to really splurge wine “cellars” come in all sizes and price ranges and will add to an aficionado’s enjoyment. For those who buy wine from wine clubs (another gift idea) or by the case, a wine cellar is a great gift choice.

And wine makes a great gift no matter what the occasion! During the holidays nothing says celebration better than bubbly. Whether you choose Champagne from the Champagne region of France, or sparkling wines from other parts of Europe or the Americas, you cannot go wrong with a good bubbly as a gift or for entertaining.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

(Written by Ellen Ray)