Did you know that 25% of corporate marketing budgets are now event oriented? Event planners spend $40 billion, host 2 million events, and impact 30 Million People annually. Events are big business, and corporations are realizing that events create a large return on investment. There is a shift in terminology for corporations seeking measurement event tools. These terms should be learned if you see the need to integrate events into your marketing plans.


Big Data
Audience Engagement

Meaningful events create remarkable brand awareness and reputation. To create a meaningful event, you must design an event that creates guest satisfaction. Begin by creating a purpose statement. If you plan and apply decisions based on your purpose statement, your event strategy will likely increase the satisfying guest experiences. And consider incorporating elements that will engage all 5 senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and sound.

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My Fresh List

Welcoming Guests
Quality Spirits

Apple TV as a presentation tool
Social Screening/Tag Boards
Clever Décor drives Social Engagement
Charging Stations

Clever Décor drives Social Engagement

Clever décor helps drive social media posts. It’s true! How many times do you see friends and families post pictures in front of landmarks or remarkable sightings? Tons! The idea that you can create more “post-worthy” elements at your event is real. When designing your event, you must have an element that can be considered “the money shot!” The element of décor could be one large item, a signature piece, or perhaps a lot of small detailed pieces that scream for attention. Be certain to promote your particular hashtags in order to see the reach the décor element helped create for your event. We use Tagboard.com to see our hashtags so we can gauge our reach.

I would love to see pictures of décor elements used at your event or events you have attended. Attached are a few examples from the Alamo Bowl. TCU positioned a large Horned Frog in a hotel lobby—and look at all these pictures!

TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl.
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl

TCU Frog

TCU Frog - Alamo Bowl
TCU Frog

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– Amy Shackelford, CMP, CTA

TCU game

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