“Community Service makes an impact,” is a broad statement and its one statement I wholeheartedly believe. I tend to be a visionary – I see an outcome and typically don’t think of any challenges, only the notion that it can be done. My dreams sometimes put my support team (personal or professional) in a bind when I get headstrong on an idea and expect that it can come to fruition. I am not quite sure how to classify this indulgence I have because it is pretty frequent (I mean almost once a week). I do have a “handler,” both professionally and one personally to keep me somewhat grounded and not over committed..

When I learned a local middle school needed to build community atmosphere, I immediately had a vision to create an interactive camp; something the school, community and students could all be proud of and perhaps future students would demand.

This camp connected dozens of volunteers (NOT TEACHERS OR PARENTS) as well as organizations to the school while allowing the students to meet and interact with each other. Interactions included playing dodge ball with neighborhood police officers, eating hot dogs from Buffalo West‘s new hot dog cart, learning about the limitations of senior citizens and creating cards to the homebound from Tarrant County Meals on Wheels.

Students participated in an art project that will be installed in the school permanently (designed by the Art Teachers, Lee and Fletcher alongside accomplished artist and community volunteer; Andi Severin Goins of Sevargo). Recovery Council inspired the children by providing social skills and stories of how to treat each other. Imagination Fort Worth created and preformed an incredible play reinforcing these skills. Lockheed Martin helped the students learn more about engineering by building rockets.

Blue Zones, the middle school’s Cheerleaders and NJHS all created a spirited environment and Mayor Price topped the day off with an incredible keynote! Special thanks to Frank Kent Cadillac for sponsoring the t-shirts for this special event!

Our very own, Brodrick Walker, Operations Manager was a small group leader. “I felt this was a great opportunity to help the kids in my community transition from elementary to middle school. Showing the children that the skills and activities learned throughout the day, helped our speaker, Mayor Price, into the position she holds now.” – Brodrick Walker

At Sedona Productions, we believe that we must make an impact on our community and create experiences that are meaningful.  We also believe that our impact doesn’t have to stay within the walls of Cendera Center and/or job positions. We create experiences all over North Texas; both volunteer and through our brands. Be sure to check out the “expertise” section of our website to see how our brands can make an impact on your next event. Oh, and be sure to read #madeworthy since it’s making an impact in Fort Worth plus I am a big fan!

Photo Credit: Peyronet Photography

Amy Shackelford, CMP, CTA, TWP

President | Sedona Productions