Yesterday I sent my my two treasures to school for their first day and as you can expect, we were all anxious! I have a fourth grader and a sixth grader – that’s right…middle school! Say it isn’t so! I can’t even describe the anxiety of having a pre-teen headed to middle school. Those of you reading this who have grown children, I know you are laughing out loud! Those of you who have littles, I know you are thinking it is a long time before you will have a middle schooler! As the kids grow, time gets shorter somehow. Just yesterday, we were strolling our three year old to drop off the six year old to kindergarten and how did we get here?

Planning and working with events for the past 18 years has really taught me some lessons for the first day of school. Here is what we reviewed yesterday.

10. Plans always change – be ready for the unexpected.

9. Always pack extra supplies – you never know who will need them.

8. Keep an extra phone charger close – your phone will totally die when you need to get “The shot”.

7. Go early to get great pictures so you aren’t rushed or have to stand in line.

6. Try to meet someone new – don’t just hang with the people you already know.

5. Dress for success and wear the dress code!

4. Always ask for help if you need it; you never know when you might end up going to lunch twice, missing the correct lunch and half of Art (Thank goodness he knew to go to the office and ask for assistance when his class was missing as they were all at the correct lunch).

3. Keep your agenda/schedule handy!

2. Visualize your day before you arrive so you know where to go and when just like visualizing the event flow.

1. Once again, plans always change, expect the unexpected.

I hope your fall events go as smooth as our day yesterday (despite 2 lunches) and that you get an A+ on all of your events and hard work!

Photo Credit: Peyronet Photography

Amy Shackelford, CMP, CTA, TWP

President | Sedona Productions