Collaboration with your vendors is imperative to all event design, strategy, and execution – in essence collaboration with Creative Partners make the event world go round. We have changed our verbiage at Sedona Productions and now refer to our vendors as  “Creative Partners.”  Creating events takes vision, expertise, and resources. Our Creative Partners take care of so many needs from promptly returning our linens from the dry cleaners pressed and not full of creases to making beautiful floral arrangements that incorporate all the aesthetic details for the event design. The relationship begins with providing your Creative Partners access to your vision, mission, and purpose statement.

We have long lasting relationships with Creative Partners from every aspects of the event industry. The relationships are built on trust, communication, and honesty. We reference our values statement when searching for new Creative Partners or making decisions about Partners. Our values have to be aligned with their values for the desired outcome to be achieved. My hope is that it becomes practice for you to refer to your values statement when you are considering a new relationship or even a purchase from your Creative Partners. I’ve taken the liberty to publish Sedona Productions’ values statement below with the hope that you will see how values shape our company, culture, and Creative Partner alignments.


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Keep it R.E.A.L.! Being Authentic is Being True to our Values:


We believe in relationships with our clients, co-workers and our community.

We believe having empathy and compassion helps us to make a difference and treat others better than they would like to be treated.

We believe in reliability and we will only make agreements we are willing, able and intend to keep.

We believe in quality – quality relationships, quality products, quality time and if we see an area needing improvement or correction, we will look and propose all possible solutions.

We believe in being honest – to ourselves, each other and to our clients.


We believe in celebrating successes.

We believe in a positive spirit and that all of our work should come from that place of positivity.

We believe in laughter.

We believe in enjoying our work and being a passionate team player.

We believe in maintaining perspective and not taking ourselves too seriously.


We believe in giving our clients our full attention with a servant’s heart.

We believe in giving considerate and thoughtful service.

We believe in having manners.

We believe in being courteous and polite.

We believe listening to each other and our clients with the intent to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is said is important and vital to earning trust.

We believe in our adaptive ability to problem solve.


We believe in being loyal to our family, friends and co-workers.

We believe in taking care of each other so that we all can succeed.

We believe loyal employees will take the utmost care of our clients.

We believe in our employees and work hard to create a safe, respectful and joy-filled workplace.

We make our best efforts to understand and appreciate our employees’ and clients’ needs in every situation.

We believe that we are learners and both formal and informal learning opportunities are vital to our success.

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