Based in west Fort Worth, each of the Sedona Productions company brands exists to meet a need for our Dallas Fort Worth clients.

It’s that simple. Hospitality is more than a business, it’s a value that motivates everything we do.  As a team, we strive to keep it R.E.A.L.


We value relationships and everything necessary to make them remarkable, including compassion, empathy, honesty, and reliability.


Our approach should come from a place of positivity, so we make every effort to laugh, celebrate successes, enjoy our efforts, and be team players.


You should have our full attention, meaning we exhibit a servant’s heart, courtesy, focused listening, thoughtfulness, and adaptability.


We believe in taking care of each other so we can all succeed. Our loyalty extends to family, friends, employees, and clients because it’s who we are more than it is what we do.

Our hospitable company of well-trained experts curate memorable gatherings reflective of your personal taste, style, and family traditions. We approach each event with our full attention and energy, dedicated to flawless execution. We collaborate with top-tier creative partners to ensure each detail is overly managed. With our suite of brands at our fingertips, we design beautiful events that are effortless, approachable, and authentic to you! Discretion, great attention to detail, and our focus on innovation sets us apart.

Our Awards & Associations