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What is Sedona Productions?
Sedona Productions is the event management company that manages all of the events hosted at Cendera Center. Sedona Productions is the talent and expert service within the walls of Cendera Center. This all encompassing company features several divisions that can serve clients at their location of choice: Snaps, Audio Visual & Lighting, Spirits by Sedona and Livestream, to name a few.

How long is space at Cendera Center rented for a wedding reception or special event?
The rental fee covers a ten hour period of your preference on the day of your event. Renters, their guests and service providers are allowed in the building during your reserved times. Extra load-in or tear-down time is available for hourly fee. We will coordinate with your group on an individual basis.

Do you allow sparklers at Cendera Center?
We do! We require all sparklers to be distributed outside so a guest doesn’t light them inside the building. All sparklers must be lit one at a time by a lighter or another sparkler. They can hurt someone if lit in a bundle and then passed out. We also ask that you designate a person to clean up the sparklers. This person should have a container ready with water so that any lit sparklers can be put out in the water only and all sticks placed in a trashcan.

Can I bring in my own decorator or my decorations?
Decorations or displays brought into the center must be in compliance with the building and fire codes for the city of Fort Worth. In order to prevent damage to the facility, fixtures and furnishing items may not be attached to any stationary wall, floor, window or ceiling with nails, tape, staples or other substance.

Can I bring in my own caterer to Cendera Center?
We have provided a list of preferred caterers for your consideration. Renter may bring in an outside caterer but the caterer must be approved by Sedona Productions. All caterers are required to provide proof of insurance to Sedona Productions in order to serve in the building.

Can I bring in my own liquor?
No alcohol may be brought in to Cendera Center by event hosts or guests or to an event where Spirits by Sedona has obtained a permit. All alcohol will be provided at Cendera Center by Spirits bar service. All bartenders scheduled are TABC certified and are arranged through the Events Manager.

Is there a certain time that a reception must begin?
No, we do not have certain time periods. We will start the reception based on your time table for your event specifications.

Do you provide any decorations at Cendera Center or offsite?
Yes! We have multiple options to cater to your event. If you tell us what you like, we are able to create centerpieces specifically for your event.

Do you provide linens?
We offer rental of black floor length linens for a nominal fee and can rent specialty linens to coordinate with your event theme and color based on your budget needs.

Is parking available for my guests at Cendera Center?
Parking is available in Cendera’s West lot, at no cost. Valet Parking may be set up for you by Sedona staff, for a fee.

Where do most bride and grooms exit at Cendera Center?
The front doors. The portico provides a great spot for a grand exit! We allow your guests to have bubbles, sparklers, or rose petals outside.

Is smoking allowed in your facility?
We are located in a building that has a no smoking policy. We direct all guests to the smoking area upon request. This includes e-cigarettes or vapors.

Is Security required?
Security Officers will be required for all events and arranged by Sedona Productions. One off duty Fort Worth Police Officer will be hired and is included in your room rental fee. Some events may require additional officers.


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