Welcome to Sedona Productions at Cendera Center

Brodrick Walker HeadshotBrodrick Walker
Facility Manager

Direct: 817.984.7703
Email: Brodrick@Sedona.Productions

Brodrick began full time with Sedona Productions two years ago. Prior to his current position, he worked as a contract laborer since the renovation of Cendera Center.

He is the employee you will see working hard during an event set-up, execution and tear down. Brodrick’s determination and customer service skills make him a great asset for Sedona Productions. He has been dedicated in learning more about the industry and is looking forward to becoming part of our A/V Team.

Brodrick celebrated his marriage to Kenya in August of 2014 and now has a step-son and new baby boy. Brodrick plays basketball and loves football with his family.

Random Fact: When not at work, Brodrick is always “dressed to the nines.”

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